Acoustic Guitar and Other Eclecticisms

"Spider" Mike started playing guitar when he was fourteen. Influenced by a multitude of folk and blues artists popular at the turn of the twentieth century, Mike first was turned on by the blues by listening to Mississippi John Hurt. Mike introduced himself to Mississippi John at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. Here, he watched him play and with a little help from John, Mike started fingerpickin� John�s Songs. Mike also had the opportunity to hear and see many of the blues and folk music greats perform. As a result, he learned the old school finger picking style that separates him from many of the solo performers in the Wilmington NC area.

In 1980 Mike moved to Wilmington NC. Family and career commitments kept him from being an active musician but the magical experiences of his youth still inspired him to play with friends and at an occasional open mic. In 2003, encouraged by several professional musicians, Mike entered the Cape Fear Blues Challenge, and in 2004 placed second in the solo competition. In 2006, he won the solo competition and the honor of representing the society at the national event in Memphis. His playing warranted him exposure on a satellite radio show exhibiting the International Blues Competition.

In 2008, at the request of his audiences, Mike produced his first album. The album was recorded live so that it captures the pure, raw energy of the original tunes. The Cape Fear Blues Society entered the album in the IBC for "Best Self Produced CD".

"Spider" Mike can be found playing at many of the local venues in the Wilmington NC area including many of the local festival held in Southeastern North Carolina. Captivating and endearing, "Spider" Mike Bochey is a true ambassador of the blues as he picks out the old time blues played at the turn of the twentieth century.

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